About Zmind

With Zmind, ancient practice meets modern design. Our goal is to help those searching to find their inner peace. With the stressors of today's world, mental wellness is more important than ever, and meditation is a proven method of relieving stress. Whether you are just getting started in your meditation journey or have been practicing for years, Zmind is here to support your wellness goals.

Our Story

Meet Derek Mauricette, the inspiration for the Float Meditation Cushion.

Derek is a successful personal trainer who hit a rough patch. After suffering the loss of a close family member, Derek struggled emotionally until he discovered meditation. During a time of stress and anxiety, it helped him remain calm and clear-sighted.

Despite being in great physical shape, Derek found that traditional meditation cushions just did not work for him. He couldn’t use them for more than 10 minutes without experiencing pain inhis legs or back. He thought if this was a problem for him andimpacting his ability to meditate, it must be a problem for others.

That is why he came to us. With Derek’s vision and our designers’ ingenuity, Zmind was born.

We hope you enjoy the Float meditation cushion as much as we enjoy offering it to you. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Meet the Team